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Exquisite MD SPA is an upscale medical facility focused on the overall health and wellness of individuals and their bodies

Dr. Alicja Steiner

About Dr. Alicja Steiner

Dr. Alicja Steiner is a leading specialist in San Diego, CA, providing patients in the Greater San Diego metropolitan area with skilled, compassionate care for a broad range of medical issues. Dr. Steiner is committed to ensuring each patient receives customized treatment based on their individual health needs and goals. Her dedication to learning new skills means every patient has access to the most advanced care options so they can feel confident they’ll receive the most appropriate care for optimal outcomes.

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Patient Reviews

I have come to this spa several times and every time I leave feeling marvelous! I have had the pleasure to trying many of the services offered including laser hair removal, Hydrafacials, massages, and body treatments. My most recent visit was with Daisha and I had the Steamy Wonder body treatment. This included a facial massage and body detox. I was so relaxed I almost fell asleep during my facial massage! The detox scrubs smelled amazing! I left feeling wonderful and my skin is SO soft!

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by Naomi

I came here to get lip fillers and I was 100% satisfied. Kaitlyn was the nurse who did the injections and she gave me very beautiful full looking lips! I was nervous to get this procedure but she and the esthetician (Christina) were very patient and kind during the entire appointment. The spa is also very clean and the staff was welcoming as soon as I walked through the door. I will absolutely be coming back here for more services!

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by Carolyn L.

This place is beautiful, clean, and calming!!! The staff (ESPECIALLY the girl with brown hair at the front desk) are amazing, friendly, and so helpful. I got my legs lasered here and it was a great deal. My technicians were thorough and really took the time to do things right. I'm super hairless just in time for SUMMER!!!!!

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by Allison Hill
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