Why Choose Viviscal for Hair Growth?

Thinning hair can be an unfortunate side effect of aging. Other factors can add to losing hair as well. Fortunately, as the medical and scientific fields advance, treatment options become more effective. Viviscal® is a perfect example of this. It is a supplement that is clinically proven to help you regrow thicker, fuller hair. The manufacturers spent over 25 years perfecting their formula and you can now benefit from that knowledge and experience.

What Is Viviscal®?

Viviscal® is a dietary supplement that is meant to improve the health of your scalp while encouraging your hair to grow thicker. It contains a proprietary AminoMar® marine complex. This complex was discovered after a Scandinavian professor studying the Inuit tribe noticed how they had incredibly beautiful hair and skin. Wondering why that was, he began to pay special attention to their diet. He noticed that it was incredibly high in protein, particularly from fish. Using this information, he isolated the key protein elements and developed what is now known as the AminoMar® marine complex.

While the other ingredients in the formula vary depending on which product you choose, they are all aimed at increasing the health of your hair. Viviscal® Extra Strength, for example, contains:

  • Vitamin C
  • Biotin
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Niacin

All of these ingredients have been shown to help improve the condition of your hair. Zinc and Iron, in particular, are known to be minerals necessary for healthy and vibrant hair.

How Does Viviscal® Work?

People see results with this supplement in as little as 3 to 4 months. There are 4 main stages that happen while this supplement nurtures your hair from within. They are:

  1. Nourishing the hair follicles from the inside out.
  2. Promoting the existing hair to grow and become stronger.
  3. Encouraging hair that has stopped growing to start again.
  4. Having hair is visibly healthier and more vibrant.

Why Choose Viviscal®?

There have been seven clinical studies done on the effectiveness of Viviscal®. All of them had positive results. Most recently, a study showed that taking this supplement over a six-month period resulted in less hair loss and a noticeable increase in hair thickness. Out of all the women who have reviewed this product on their website, a whopping 93% of them would recommend it to a friend.

Hair loss can happen for a variety of reasons. Common ones include over-styling, age, heredity, and even stress. If this sounds like something that is happening to you, contact us today to schedule your consultation and learn if Viviscal® is right for you. Exquisite MD Spa is conveniently located in San Diego, CA.

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