What is M22 IPL Laser Therapy?

M22 IPL laser therapy combines Intense Pulsed Light technology and laser technology in order to provide the most effective treatments for the patient when it comes to things like the reduction of unwanted capillaries and signs of aging. While IPL and laser equipment both utilize concentrated beams of light to do their work, IPL therapy is somewhat less aggressive than lasers. The M22 IPL laser therapy system enables practitioners to combine the best features of both methods in order to customize a treatment that is precisely what the patient needs.

If you have unwanted dark spots on the skin, you might want to ask our medical provider about ways the M22 IPL laser therapy system can help. These spots are often caused because melanin has started to gather in patches in the skin in concentrated levels. This means the pigment is not spread evenly. The therapy can help to break up the concentrated melanin and return the skin to a more even tone. Freckles can be treated in the same manner.

Rosacea is a skin condition that causes the skin to have chronic redness. Sometimes this is accompanied by pimples, visible blood vessels and even swelling. The M22 IPL laser treatment can shrink the blood vessels that are contributing to the problem and return the face to an appearance that is not inhibited by the unwanted redness.

Visible capillaries are treated by the same method. These enlarged capillaries frequently appear on the face, but they are common on the legs and chest also. While they seldom are concern for any physical or health issues, they can impact the self-confidence because of their appearance.

Using the M22 IPL system means our medical professionals can treat patients with a larger variety of conditions and skin types. For example, traditional laser therapy is not always well-suited for individuals with darker skin tones. These same patients may be good candidates for M22 IPL laser therapy. By being able to combine traditional IPL therapy with laser therapy, fewer treatments may be necessary to get the desired results. This saves valuable time for the patient.

If you want younger-looking, smoother skin, you should check with our team at Exquisite MD Spa about the advantages of this innovative system. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our office in San Diego!

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