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Are you suffering from hair loss or thinning, but are hesitant to undergo a painful procedure or take drugs that could negatively impact the rest of your health? Viviscal® may just be your ideal hair restoration solution. This oral medication contains absolutely no drugs and has been clinically proven to help restore hair growth and reverse the effects of hair loss without any negative side effects.

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What is Viviscal®?

Viviscal® is an oral hair restoration treatment that promotes hair growth and adds fullness to the hair without the downside of adverse side effects, drugs, or uncomfortable treatments. This product is the result of 25 years of continuous research and has been clinically proven by seven separate studies to be effective.

How Does it Work?

Hair loss is the result of a combination of both environmental and internal factors that can affect the health of the scalp. Because of this, the best first step a person can take towards healthier, fuller hair is to ensure that their hair and scalp are both well-conditioned and receiving the biological components they need to flourish.

Viviscal® corrects hair loss from the ground up by replenishing the nutrients, vitamins, and proteins the scalp needs to be healthy. Biotin, apple extract, and Vitamin C are just a few of these essential nutrients included in Viviscal® supplements. As these nutrients reach the hair follicle, they gradually repair it over time, allowing it to produce additional hair that is stronger, fuller, and healthier-looking.

Am I a Candidate for Viviscal®?

Nearly anyone interested in growing longer, fuller, thicker, and healthier hair is a potential candidate for Viviscal®. This medication can benefit both men and women suffering from hair loss or hair thinning. However, it’s important for interested individuals to keep in mind that people who are allergic to seafood or shellfish or are pregnant or breastfeeding cannot take this medication.

Before beginning to take Viviscal®, patients must first schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Steiner. During this appointment, Dr. Steiner will take into account your hair restoration goals, medical history, and current state of health in order to evaluate if Viviscal® is right for you.

Exquisite MD SPA is proud to provide patients in the San Diego area of California with a broad range of effective aesthetic treatments. If you’d like more information about our practice or are interested in taking the first step towards a healthier head of hair, contact us today to schedule a Viviscal® consultation appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

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