How Can LightStim Improve Circulation?

Like any part of your body, your skin relies on oxygen-rich blood and nutrients for optimal functioning. An intricate channel of capillaries and blood vessels helps provide your skin with a steady supply of oxygenated blood and nutrients. The system also aids in transporting waste products away from your skin, keeping toxin buildup at bay. Poor circulation can negatively impact the integrity of your skin. Have you been looking for a state-of-the-art device that’s effective in promoting blood flow? Here, we will share some insights into LightStim and how it helps to improve circulation.


Red Light Therapy


LightStim uses light-emitting diode (LED) technology to treat the skin. LED is a lower energy form that can alter the activity of nearby skin cells. In particular, LightStim uses infrared red lights within a specific range to nourish the skin. The LED light works by emitting certain wavelengths of light to warm the tissues and relax the muscles. This stimulates the production of nitric oxide that helps improve circulation. Not only will the process inhibit inflammation to ease the pain, but it also promotes energy production. This improves cellular functions that are crucial for healing and repair.


LightStim Benefits


LightStim therapy is all the rage these days because of the extensive benefits it offers. Besides increasing blood circulation, it can also shrink large pore size, repair sun damage, and improve skin tone. It promotes collagen production and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. The technology is also known to be effective in fostering a healthy, glowing complexion as well as in optimizing the skin’s overall function.


Is It Safe?


Yes. LightStim therapy is a safe and effective treatment that uses therapeutic light energy. The technology uses targeted LED light therapy that’s cleared by the Food and Drug Administration. The lights can come in hand-held devices to treat acne, signs of aging, or even pain. LightStim beds are also available as a form of soothing and non-invasive alternative for treating the whole body. Beyond the light-emitting revolutionary devices, Lightstim also offers different skincare products like masks and serums. This way, you can achieve that healthy, vibrant skin.


Why Consider LightStim?


Unlike some LED masks, LightStim hand-held devices aren’t bulky nor too fragile. You can easily pack the gadget in your purse and take it with you anywhere. Its compact design makes it convenient to have around wherever you go.


Besides, LightStim is very easy to use. You only have to plug the gadget in, turn it on, and let it do all the work. You only have to hold the device against your face and move it across gently.


But the best thing about LightStim is it works quickly. Unlike most sheet masks and other collagen treatments, which take about 20 minutes to work, LightStim treatment only requires a few minutes. More importantly, the device is effective. LightStim’s red light therapy can make your skin plump and glowing. The light absorbed deep into your skin erases the fine lines, gives it more volume, and pushes out the skin folds. This makes LightStim perfect for skin rejuvenation. You will see visible results after about six weeks of using the device. Using this leading-edge gadget every day is totally fine.


Do you want to calm your irritated skin or avoid future acne breakouts? Try LightStim therapy today with our team of experts at Exquisite MD SPA.


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