Get Rid of Acne Damage With IPL Laser Therapy

Most people experience some degree of acne at a certain point, typically in the teen and young adult years. For most people, the condition goes away. For some people, acne problems last longer than they would like. That can leave them with mild to severe skin damage that stays with them for years. 


Acne damage can be challenging to treat since both raised and pitting scar tissue can occur, accompanied by an uneven complexion and red discoloration. Do irregularities on the surface of your skin bother you? You do not have to let these spots and marks affect how you look and feel. 


Why Do Acne Scars Form?

The body’s natural healing process can cause acne scarring. A cut, infection, burn, or other skin damage triggers collagen production to repair the injured area. Collagen production is a good thing since it helps the skin retain moisture. It also gives the skin a firm, smooth, and youthful appearance.

However, underproduction or overproduction of collagen in response to skin damage can lead to scarring. That is why acne scars are either pitted or raised. Not all pimples lead to scarring. The following situations can increase your likelihood of developing acne damage:


  • You pop or pick at your pimples

  • Infected pimples

  • A history of irregular response to injuries or scarring

  • Cysts that develop deeper in your skin

  • Secondary breakout before the current problem clears up


What Is IPL Treatment?


Intense pulsed light treatments use light wavelengths to address various skin problems. IPL photorejuvenation and IPL photofacial are other names for this treatment. Many people with acne damage schedule IPL treatments when experiencing breakouts with deeper pimples. Most patients are excited to learn that the quick, comfortable treatment can also address acne scarring. 


How IPL Laser Therapy Works


IPL laser therapy creates a controlled version of the body’s inflammatory healing response. When you have scars, the new skin cells and collagen have a different texture or shade than the surrounding skin. IPL therapy for acne damage triggers a healing response that eliminates existing collagen and produces new layers of skin. 

Other treatments like chemical peels and microdermabrasion can stimulate the growth of new skin cells through physical skin exfoliation. Unfortunately, these options can sometimes cause pain and discomfort and require time for a full recovery. IPL laser therapy triggers the same healing response without pain or discomfort during treatment and healing.


M22 IPL Therapy


M22 IPL is a gentle and long-term solution for various skin conditions, such as:


  • Freckles

  • Age spots

  • Redness in the skin

  • Sun damage

  • Capillaries

  • Birthmarks

  • Eyelid inflammation


Experts recommend between two and six treatments at two- to four-week intervals for the best results, depending on your skin condition.


Difference Between IPL and Laser Therapy


Both procedures stimulate new skin growth using light energy, but they work differently. Lasers are concentrated energy rays focused on a single light wavelength. IPL treatments use numerous light wavelengths delivered in a short pulse. So, there is a difference in how light affects the skin.

Different skin cells and tissues absorb light in different ways. Regular laser therapy uses one type of light, so it can only target a specific group of skin tissues and cells. On the other hand, IPL treatment uses multiple light wavelengths. That means it can target a wide range of skin cells for more effective treatment without needing numerous lasers to treat various skin layers and types of tissues and cells. 



IPL therapy can help improve your skin’s texture and tone. It can also enhance the appearance of broken capillaries, scarring, and other skin irregularities. Furthermore, it can help reduce the severity and duration of current acne breakouts, helping prevent skin damage. To determine whether this treatment is appropriate, consult your doctor or a licensed dermatologist.


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