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A facial is a skin treatment with multiple steps that are designed to rejuvenate the client’s skin. It can be tailored for a number of purposes. Thus, there are facials for clients with oily skin and facials for clients with dry skin. There are also facials designed to help people with skin problems such as acne.

What Does a Facial Involve?

If it’s a client’s first visit, the aesthetician will start by asking them about their needs and concerns. They will often ask if the client is taking any medication that could affect the skin. After thoroughly cleaning the client’s skin, the aesthetician will analyze it. They will determine the client’s skin type and look for problems such as acne or wrinkles. They will then select the products and treatments they believe would be most suitable and effective. The aesthetician will soften any blemishes they plan to extract. The next step is generally some form of exfoliation to remove dead skin cells from the surface. If necessary, the aesthetician will then extract any blackheads and/or whiteheads.

What is the Minus 10 Facial?

The Minus 10 Facial is designed to reduce signs of aging like wrinkles, and it helps rehydrate dry skin. The Minus 10 Facial is a Rhonda Allison treatment that uses a variety of serums that provide the skin with antioxidants and other nutrients. A Minus 10 Facial takes 75 minutes.

What is the Naturally Soothing Facial?

The Naturally Soothing Facial is a treatment for clients with sensitive skin and/or rosacea. The therapist will use serums and other treatments that will reduce inflammation, protect the skin from bacteria, strengthen capillaries, and stimulate exfoliation of dead skin cells. In the process, it will soothe and smooth the skin. The Naturally Soothing Facial takes 60 minutes.

What is the Blemish Control Facial?

The Blemish Control Facial is designed to help people with acne. It also hydrates the skin; dry skin can actually exacerbate acne by forcing the oil glands to work overtime to try to moisten it. Hydrating the skin reduces the oil glands’ activity. The Blemish Control Facial takes 60 minutes.

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