Eliminate Skin Imperfections with M22 Treatments

Aging skin can become brittle, dull in appearance, and with more prominent discolorations such as acne or injury scars, stretch marks, age spots, and freckles. This is especially true when the skin is subjected to much exposure to the sun. One simple way to rejuvenate the skin and improve the appearance of blemishes is by performing intense pulsed light therapy. The newer devices now on the market can be finely calibrated to treat the problem areas without damaging the adjacent tissues. The M22 system is really four devices in one. It works as a broadband light delivery system, and it can also be used as a resurfacing instrument. We find this instrument quite versatile, and we oftentimes recommend the treatment of lesions, melasma, rosacea, acne scars, age spots, and even fine wrinkles using the M22 system when we discuss skin imperfections with our clients.

Highly-Focused Light Energy

The M22 system has multiple controls for varying the wavelengths, strength, and pixilation of the emitted light energy. This makes it quite versatile, and it can be used to successfully treat a multitude of common age-related skin problems. Light energy will either pass through a substance, be reflected by it, or be absorbed by it. It all depends on the calibration of the instrument.

Darker imperfections such as scarring and age spots absorb light energy more readily than tissues of a lighter tone. This makes a device such as the M22 perfect for targeting specific tissues. The light passes through the epidermis without harming it, and the energy is absorbed by the darker tissues of blemishes and scars. These tissues heat up. The body responds by discarding these tissues in favor of healthier cells.

This instrument can also be used as a resurfacing tool. It can slowly remove the upper skin layers one at a time, and this promotes healthier skin growth. The result is fewer wrinkles and a supple, taut skin surface.

What Clients Can Expect

This is a gentle treatment that requires no downtime or lengthy recovery period. Most treatments that address facial skin problems such as scarring or other forms of blemishes can be completed in less than one hour. During the initial consultation, we outline in detail how the M22 treatment works and give advice on how to prepare the skin in the days leading up to treatment.

Candidates for M22 Treatments

Almost anyone concerned about the appearance of their facial skin can benefit from light energy delivery treatment. Make an appointment at Exquisite MD Spa to learn more about how you can benefit from M22 treatments. Contact us today to book a consultation at our office in San Diego.

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