Common Questions About Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the United States. If you have unwelcome body hair that you regularly try to remove, laser hair removal may save you a lot of time and money. For those who are not familiar with the simple, non-invasive procedure, here are the answers to a few commonly asked questions about laser hair removal.

How Does It Work?

Except for white or pale blond hair, most hair has pigment that gives it its color. This pigment can absorb laser light to the point where it destroys the hair follicle. The damaged hair follicle cannot grow hair. In some cases, the follicle may recover and grow a thin, weak hair, which is why we don’t say the procedure is permanent hair removal. In some cases, treated follicles never grow hair again.

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

The laser flash is very fast and a large area can be treated quickly. Normally, a few hairs on the upper lip or chin may take less than half an hour to remove. Larger areas such as the back or legs may take up to an hour.

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

The number of sessions you need to get the smooth, hairless skin you want will depend on the size of the area. Hair grows in cycles and each hair will be at a different stage of growth at any given time. The laser only works during the growth cycle. You may need from two to six treatments to remove all the hair in the area being treated. The most common areas treated are underarms, legs and bikini line for women and back neck and chest for men.

How Long Before the Hair Starts to Grow Back?

The results are long-term. The time differs according to the individual because of hereditary and hormonal changes that can affect hair growth. You may expect clear skin for a number of months, and some people don’t need a touch-up treatment for a year. Unlike waxing where you have to wait until all the hair grows back before you can wax again, touch up laser hair removal treatments can be done at any time. We will ask you to refrain from waxing between treatments because this removes the follicle, but you can shave any time you want.

When is the Best Time to Start Treatments?

Fall or winter is a recommended time to start. That way, you will be finished by summer when you are ready to wear shorts and swimsuits.

Get in Touch with Us for More Information

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