Common Questions about BOTOX

Millions of people use BOTOX® each year to reduce the visible signs of aging. The possible applications for this powerful purified protein solution are constantly increasing. Most commonly, however, this injectable is employed with the goal of releasing dynamic wrinkles like frown lines, smoker’s lines, and crow’s feet. Following are some of the most commonly asked questions about this treatment for those who are interested in reaping the benefits of the ever-popular injectable.

How Does BOTOX® Get Rid of Facial Wrinkles?

To understand how BOTOX® targets and releases facial wrinkles, you first have to understand the underlying causes of these creases. Advanced facial wrinkling or static wrinkles are caused by the ongoing volume loss that occurs as people age. Dynamic facial wrinkling, however, is the result of the tension that’s created by regular facial movements. Over time, this tension causes noticeable cracks to form in the layer of smooth collagen that exists to support your skin.

When key facial muscles are moved, these cracks can reveal themselves on the surface as dynamic wrinkles. These motion-related lines are often only visible when a person is actively frowning, smiling, or making another expressive movement with the face.

BOTOX® can release dynamic wrinkles by relaxing select muscles. Once localized movement ceases, the collagen that sits just beneath the skin can regain its smooth, flat position. The result is a youthful and line-free visage. Best of all, with skillful injection, people can enjoy their aesthetic improvements without giving up the ability to make a number of natural-looking facial movements and expressions.

Although this treatment can effectively release the tension that causes dynamic wrinkles to form, it has virtually no impact on static wrinkling. Static wrinkles tend to be best resolved by either tightening the skin or by replacing some or all of the facial volume that’s been lost. These more advanced wrinkles can be treated with dermal fillers, or surgical skin-tightening procedures like face lifts among other things. Many non-invasive treatments for minimizing static wrinkles can be safely paired with BOTOX®.

What Should I Expect during My BOTOX® Appointment?

A short series of injections will be made to insert very small amounts of this solution into select facial areas. Once this is done, you can go right back to your normal activities right away. You won’t need to take time away from work for your actual procedure, or for any special aftercare or recovery.

This injectable is only capable of providing a temporary decrease in dynamic facial wrinkling. Many patients love this fact given that they don’t have to make commitments to any long-term changes in their appearance. The average procedure produces results that last four months. Patients who want to extend their results can always have these treatments repeated at the appropriate time.

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